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Location: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Designed By: George Cobb (1961) 

Total Yardage: 7,600 yards 

Current Reigning Champion: Rory McIlroy (2021 Wells Fargo Championship)

Considered by many to be one of the finest golf courses in the USA, Quail Hollow Club wonderfully encapsulates the beauty, and challenging terrain, of the Piedmont region. 

The course provides a stern test for even the most elite golfers, with the pristine conditions you would come to expect from a PGA TOUR standard course. Hitting the ball straight is the key to success—especially on the rolling, open pastures of the par 4s and par 5s. 

The closing five holes of the Quail Hollow Club are some of the most compelling on the course. Swirling winds will make even the cream of the crop question their club selection. Aggressive, accurate tee shots are required in order to shoot a low score around Quail Hollow. 

Standing on the tee, you mustn’t be fooled by the relatively flat fairways. Stray slightly off the short stuff and the thick, pesky Bermuda rough will almost certainly punish your next shot, and make it even harder to shoot par or lower on that hole. 

Quail Hollow really will sort the best from the rest in PGA Tour 2K23, so come and test your skills to see how you fare against the world’s most exclusive golfers.                             

Featured Hole: 14th hole (Par 4, 344 yards)

The lakeside 14th hole at Quail Hollow Club is one of the hardest holes as you embark the dreaded “Green Mile” section of the course. It has always been a relatively short par 4, which will give longer hitters the opportunity to drive the green. 

However, five bunkers, a lake and a sloped fairway stand between you and the green, and will certainly punish the inaccurate golfer. The 14th at Quail Hollow is a textbook example of risk and reward; find the green and you're looking at a great eagle or birdie opportunity. Go for it, and miss, and you could be walking off with a double-bogey or worse. 

Majors at Quail Hollow can be won or lost, based on your decision on the 14th tee. Would you go for it, or play it safe? Come and have a go yourself with PGA Tour 2K23 and see if you can reach the green in one.